Simultaneous Interpretation

The simultaneous mode of interpretation is mainly used for conferences or multilingual business meetings, and requires the combined skills of listening and comprehending one language while speaking another language at the very first time. To do so, interpreters generally use electronic transmission equipment together with their listeners, who wear earphones throughout the event.

Consecutive Interpretation

The consecutive mode of interpretation usually serves attorneys, claims adjusters and medical examiners who need to communicate with foreign language speakers. Each party speaks at length, expressing their ideas which are then interpreted for the other party. Consecutive interpretations are intended to short meetings, speeches, or appointments. This interpreting service does not require electronic transmission equipment, but it stretches the length of an event by 60%.

Audio and Video Transcription

WK Traduções provides both same-language and multilingual transcripts of audio and video materials faithfully and accurately.

Translation services will be charged separately in case it is necessary to translate the transcribed content, according to the final number of transcribed pages.

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