Notarized Translations

Notarized translations are the ones certified by a notary public, who has proof of qualification and so, attests the accuracy of documents translated. Notarized translations are acknowledged before government agencies and courts all over the world.

The work of a notarized translator is to validate foreign documents in Brazil and Brazilian documents abroad.

Notarized translations serve both individuals and institutions. Whether you have documents for translation such as birth, marriage or death certificates; school certificates and transcripts; driver’s licenses; passports; wills and inventories; bank information, and others. Companies may need notarized translations for documents such as agreements and records.

Personal & Business Translations

Such translations have no official purposes, and will not be sent to government agencies or courts. We translate service and product catalogues, websites, resumes, articles, menus, and much more.

Whatever your field might be, WK Traduções uses localization as tool to match our translations to each context, respecting your message. Our job is to enable our clients to fully and efficiently communicate throughout the world.

Technical Translations

Technical translations involve fields such as legal, business, medical, financial, etc. They require specific knowledge and industry-specific background, once each has its own terminology. Boost your business by letting us translate your manuals, medicine leaflets, technical specifications, normative instructions, industry documents, guides, and others.

Website Translation & Localization

A high-quality website translation speaks for a company. Our experienced translators ensure a quick delivery of the best outcomes, no matter your target market. Our duty is to keep linguistic, contextual, visual, and technological accuracy.

Website localization adapts your digital content to any target market, maximizing message resonance and response across buyers, languages, and cultures and giving your company voice throughout the globe.

Software Translation & Localization

Globalizing your company should not be so tautness. WK Traduções’ localization services adapt your software by respecting sociocultural, technological, and visual aspects, no matter your target market.

Academic Translations

We serve the scientific community to all its aims, ensuring excellent outcomes when translating or revising articles, abstracts, and papers.

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